JMR Worldwide is corporate communications firm specializing in the financial services, technology, industrial and energy sectors.  The boutique agency is best known for its results-oriented campaigns that combine strategic public, investor, employee and stakeholder relations as well as social networking programs to build brand awareness, increase revenues and maximize shareholder value. Read more >

Delivering the right message to right targeted audience at the right time can be the deciding factor resulting in corporate success.

In today’s era of globalization, multinational organizations have both the opportunity and the need to create and sustain a credible presence in foreign markets.

Corporate & Financial Communications are crucial to winning support for any organization. The impact of intelligent, targeted communications can drive a company’s profitability – regardless of size or industry sector.

During a crisis, your most valuable assets – corporate reputation, brand equity, market share, consumer/employee/stakeholder confidence – become endangered and imperil your organization’s very future.